The importance of staying hydrated

Water is essential for hydration of the body. Adults according to fitness, sex, age, lifestyle and climate in which they live, have an average of 65% of water in your body, with muscles and organs of our body, which have a concentration of more water high. It also develops vital functions such as maintaining body temperature, removing toxic substances and transport nutrients to the cells.

The human body loses daily about two gallons of water through urine, sweat and even breath. As water
which is removed every 24 hours should be restored to keep the body well hydrated and avoid losing líquido.Cuando greater losses in hot, fluid loss is suffered through intense exercise, fever, diarrhea or burns, you have to increase the consumption of water. Since dehydration can affect short-term memory in situations of intense mental effort, concentration ability decreases, urinary tract infections, formation of kidney stones, constipation and sore cabeza.Para keep hydrated the body must ingest two to three liters of water, remembering that these are the liquids can be found in soft drinks, dairy products, fruits and juices. However excess water intake can be harmful to health, causing an eating disorder known as potomania, which is drinking heavily until seven or more liters of water and this alters the functioning of the kidneys, in addition to risk life for electrolyte imbalance in the body.

You should drink water between meals, continuously throughout the day and in small quantities, not waiting to feel thirsty, because it is an indicator of dehydration. It is good practice to start the day with a glass of water fasting to help the body eliminate waste.

Some of the benefits of drinking water are:

  • It keeps the skin supple; the skin becomes more elastic and shines with vitality.
  • Promotes cardiovascular health; physical activities become easier to stay hydrated, since otherwise the heart must work harder to pump the amount of blood needed to carry oxygen to the cells.
  • Muscles and joints work best, since water hydrates joints.
  • Keeps the body cool; the body expanding body heat released close to the surface of the skin blood vessels.
  • Removes toxins from the body; prevents urinary tract infections and kidney stones, filter waste from the blood and excreted in the urine.
  • Prevents feel dry mouth, throat and keeps lips moisturized and avoid having bad breath and feel a strange taste.