Tacaná Volcano

Name Volcano:


Native Name:

Mam Tacnajuyú "fire in the house"


4,092.63 mts. MSNM (Meters above sea level)


The guy is stratovolcano with lava dome at its summit. Official geographical name. Tacaná Volcano.

Special Events:

This volcano is conducted every year for Holy Week, Good Friday MEXICO GUATEMALA the Fellowship mountaineer, mountaineers involving representing various countries.

Known Routes:

From Guatemala, Sibinal San Marcos.

From Mexico, Cachihuites, Chiapas.


Volcano border between the republics of Guatemala and Mexico. It is located in the municipality of Tacaná, department of San Marcos. In this volcano are monuments that define the outline of the dividing line between the two countries under the Treaty of Limits of September 27, 1882.

The coordinates of the BM (Benchmark or height) of the top, established by IGN are: Latitude 15 ° 07’54 “N, Longitude 92 ° 06’30 and” west. Sibinal 1761 II.


It is a truncated cone about 10 km. in diameter at the base. Its summit is formed by a capsule of lava, at the foot of which is a small plain bordered by a semicircular ridge.

Two other plains or atria, are located in the foothills southeast respectively about 3,870 and 3,800 meters. height, wherein in each of said ridges or old sommas, younger crater.

In southwest skirt is an elliptical crater adventitious, about 190 mts. below the summit. The summit crater, which left the dome is 400 mts. in diameter. The volcano sits on a granite massif, in what has come to designate Sierra Madre.

The main rock of the dome top is hypersthene andesite angita and light colored. The rock east foot of the volcano, near Sibinal is horblenda andesite and black hypersthene. At the base also emerge tuffs, breccias and pumice.

Brief History:

During the Indian period, between Mam was known as Tacnahuyú or Tacnajuyú, which translated literally would Tacaná hill. In the Spanish period is also referred to as the volcano of Soconusco and in a deed of sale which was conducted on behalf of Mercy Diego Reinoso Blas de León Cardona in 1628, as “the volcano they call peak”; V .: Tacaná (municipality).


Tacaná, San Marcos, Guatemala


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