About Us

We are a group of recent mountaineering, which emerged five years ago by restlessness of old and new sport enthusiasts to share mountain activities derived from this genre.

The K’umbres group is composed of people of every age, sex, profession or trade whose sole purpose is to know and admire the diverse expression of nature in our beautiful country Guatemala THROUGH cultural and sports activities.

Activities K’umbres

The group conducts an annual program of regular promotion to the different volcanoes of Guatemala’s territory, which can satisfy the concerns of all those who wish to meet new challenges and strengths exceeding capacity constraints and other climatic vagaries that offers us the nature of our country as members we have experts in the following area: Geology, Volcanology, Espeleá, Sociology, History, law, Architecture, Chemistry, Photography and Design whose skills complement our events more mountain.

Main Activities

  • Mountaineering. Up to all the volcanoes of Guatemala.
  • Climbing.
  • Massive ecological. Awareness campaigns and Cleaning climb volcanoes.
  • Adventure races.
  • Ultra marathons.
  • Hiking.
  • Mountain School.
  • Day mountaineer.
  • International fellowships.
  • Photo Contest.
  • Mountaineer Claus. Projection with children in some communities.
  • Introduce the sport of mountain.
  • Practice the sport of mountain.
  • Stimulate affection mountaineers to appreciate our volcanoes and mountains, inviting them to his care and maintenance for future generations.